Nature is what remains and does not destroy itself.

Nature is the universal, physical reality that surrounds us.

It is air, earth, water, fire. It means plants, animals and minerals. It is life that derives its future from the development of the past. It is success and failure, hope and despair, life and death in an apparently infinite sequence and thus it is our future.

For us humans, nature means the entirety of all influences and forces to which we are exposed every day during our life. Influences that propel us forward – or influences that stop us, frighten us and stop the progress of our development.

Without a living Nature, there is no livable Future

In the millennia-old history of mankind, we have tried harder and harder to make ourselves independent of nature. With growing self-confidence, the urge to boldly change our natural environment grew. It is no longer nature and natural processes that should determine our lives, but we. People have swung ourselves up to “conquer” nature in the erroneous thinking we will be able to define our future as it suits us. We wanted to influence nature and thus our future so that it formed according to our ideas.

But it is actually clear to all of us: it cannot work that way!

Nature defends itself and strikes back.
On the contrary – nature defends itself and strikes back.

For around 150 years, in the so-called industrial age, we humans have started to mine and consume resources that nature offers. In a childishly enthusiastic manner that didn’t tolerate pausing or reasonably reviewing of what we were doing.

The clearest example of this is the reduction of the “fossil fuels” with which we covered a large part of our industrial and individual energy requirements. Another example is nuclear power. At first glance, it is a clean and very productive source of energy, which we have tapped with joy, only to then “suddenly” realize that we cannot handle the residual waste.

In fact, we seem to have forgotten the simplest principles of our upbringing, which have kept us alive for thousands of years, at the highest social level in recent decades. I’m speaking about the simple principle of “think first, then act”. It had obviously disappeared from the minds of state leaders and business leaders over a hundred years. The principle they followed instead was: “Everything that can be done must be done”.

Humans have to change their way of dealing with nature as quickly as possible so that an already started global extinction of species can be stopped.

It is only at the beginning of the 21st century that more and more warning voices are being heard, first by scientists, then also by philosophers and pioneers and lateral thinkers, and now carried and multiplied globally by young people who urgently demand a rethink regarding our position in nature.

Humans have to change their way of dealing with nature as quickly as possible so that an already started global extinction of species can be stopped. So that the awesome immune system, the power for self-healing, which is inherent in our world as a whole, is not completely going to be destroyed, but may be able to recover.

And the great news is: Earth actually has such a self-healing system and shows us every day how it works.

The secret is – the tree!

A tree (and any other plant, by the way) feeds on a substance that, if it is present in abundance, destroys our atmosphere: CO2.
In the course of photosynthesis, trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere via their leaves and needles, split off the carbon and release oxygen to the environment. The carbon is used to grow the roots, trunks, and branches and is stored in the wood mass.

It is only when a tree dies or is processed that the carbon is released in whole or in part and returns to the atmosphere as CO2. This creates a balanced cycle between CO2 and O2 as long as there are enough trees and plants. And as long as “old” CO2, which turned into oil or coal in dead plants and marine animals thousands of years ago, is not brought out of the underground deposits and released by humans.

The secret is the tree!

This photosynthesis balance has been severely disturbed by the increased use of fossil fuels over the past 70 years and the irresponsible deforestation of our woods.

So we have to plant trees – lots of trees. Only then will we have a small chance of stopping the warming of the earth, calming the climate and preventing more and more devastating disasters from occurring.

So that mankind can survive as part of this nature and does not end in a natural disaster.

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