Time is something we have no control over. It is always here – and yet it is always gone. It can be comforting when you think you still have a lot to come, but time can also be troubling and stressful if you think it is running off too quickly.

Sometimes time runs away – and you can never catch up with it.

Time for a Giacomo Cortes watch! Wearing this watch I reveal myself as a member of our society, who supports our nature and our climate.

Basically, time is nothing more than the way in which nature measures evolution, that is, how it emerges and changes. Only humans understood time as its own dimension and divided it into defined units such as seconds, minutes, days and years.

In bygone ages, people used to measure time by the movement of the celestial bodies, the seasons of our nature, the growth phases of trees and plants. Observing time in nature with its majestically smooth processes and movements is a moment of calm, reflection, and beauty.

In the past, the moon or a tree was the clock of mankind.

Only recently have instruments been created that bring the transience of time into our lives precisely and instantly. And thereby have led to a feeling of acceleration that hardly anyone can escape. The gentle calm in time was destroyed by the ongoing visibility of the passing.

First, it was the clocks on church towers that were intended as timepieces for a community, then came the individual timepieces for those who could pay for this luxury: clocks for the wall at home, timepieces on a chain for on the go and finally the watches for the wrist.

Today we can choose from mechanical watches that are still quite complex and expensive and now adorn the wrists of those who want to show that they have spent their time to be successful and as an expression of wealth. In all conceivable variations and gradations.

And some watches have quartz-clocked, electronic movements and are affordable for anyone who needs to know the “exact time” – whenever they want. So precisely that today we pay attention to the millionth part of a second in sporting competitions etc..

Nature has been set aside. Nature and time have been divided.

Time has never been as fast as it is today.

To give the time a little peace and gentle beauty, I designed my first watch collection so that the viewer is not distracted by unnecessary gimmicks – the watchmaker calls them “complications”. The eye falls on a simple, clear circle with calm Roman numerals. Recognizing the time is “intuitive” – there is no excited movement of a second hand.

I considered the date display or even the moon phase display to be useless in my first collection. Nothing should disturb the peaceful calm of the moment when the eye falls on the watch and intuitively captures the hour without any distraction.

The task that I asked myself back then: create a timepiece that forgets the stress of the hurried time and transmits the natural calm to the wearer almost unnoticed in the steady passage of time.

Already over 2,000 years ago, in the high culture of Rome, people used dials that were almost exactly the same as the Giacomo Cortes watches. However, the clockwork at that time was the sun, which showed the days and hours in its steady and serein run across the sky.

This is also an indication of how closely nature and time are connected. They form a unit – one is inconceivable without the other.

The Giacomo Cortes watches exude calm, balance and thus a natural beauty.

The Giacomo Cortes watches come with a lifelong warranty – no questions, ever.

Interchangeable bracelets give my watches a serious or playful character. Depending on the emotional state and the mood of the wearer, the watch can completely change its appearance and thus also its weight on the wrist within moments.

And that is also important to me:

With a Giacomo Cortes watch, wearers show that they are doing something for our environment and our climate. Everyone knows that wearing a Giacomo Cortes watch means that at least 25 trees have been planted. For some watches even more (see our climate packages).

By wearing a Giacomo Cortes watch, I reveal myself as a member of our society, who tries to change his so-called CO2 footprint as positively as possible.

Every single Giacomo Cortes watch stands for the neutralization of approx. 25 tons of CO2 over a period of 80 years!

And we will try to improve this balance.

Time for a Giacomo Cortes watch! Wearing this watch I reveal myself as a member of our society, who supports our nature and our climate.