In the so-called “developed” countries of America, Asia, and Europe, we have all gotten used to living without restrictions, in peace and relative health, and on a certain level of wealth.

In recent years, however, we have become more and more aware that we are paying a potentially lethal price for such a life. The feeling of security has given way to ever greater uncertainty. An uncertainty that affects our personal future and the future of our children.

It has become clear to us that we have acquired our supposed prosperity at the expense of our nature and our climate. The nature in which we have our roots, the climate that ensures our food and water supply – that keeps us alive.

And now we have to cope with this

And, as to underline the scope of what we caused, this pandemic came …
A virus that has existed in other mammalian species for millennia has crossed a natural limit and infected humans. And it is likely that this has only been possible because people have displayed animals that were carriers of the disease alive in markets in crowded cities in cages and sold them for consumption.

Infectious diseases – like COVID-19 – have the property that they hit people with previous illnesses or a weakened immune system particularly hard.
That was also the case for the flu waves of the past years and decades, which keep on making more or less many people sick in our big cities and also are killing many people.

Due to man-made climate-change and global warming we experience health problems being attacked by viruses transmitted by animals.

And we are beginning to suspect that climate-related disasters and epidemics may occur more often in the future. They are now part of our lives – just like the knowledge that the sun will shine again after the rain.
It is completely irrelevant whether the reasons for these disasters were man-made or not. In any case, the fact that they will affect our lives remains.
However, we should also consider that man-made mutations can be reversed to a certain extent – if it is not too late and a natural system has “tipped over”.

It is becoming increasingly clear to us that we need to escape the consumerism and wastage that started globally after the Second World War and to concentrate on our personal health and well-being.

Therefore I’ll submit some of my personal thoughts and findings for discussion to you here on my website.