Giacomo Cortes, watchmaker, life artist and anthroposophist invites you all to accompany him on his forays into the world of time, watch design, nature, health, and climate.

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Giacomo Cortes, watchmaker, life artist and anthroposophist invites you all to accompany him on his forays into the world of Time, Nature, Health, and Climate.

It is our duty to take care of the world we are living in. To take care of the nature that surrounds us. To take care of the climate that allows us to breeze.

Time is of the essence!

I admit: sometimes it is not easy to look beyond the tip of the nose. But we all share the feeling that there is a bigger connection. That there is something around us that is more expansive than our own worldview. We all know deep down that there is a structure around us that has made the development of the world possible in the form in which it is presented to us today. The development of the biosphere that currently forms the natural habitat of mankind.

Every day we start with conscious, deep breaths and are happy about the air that we can breathe.

Every day we experience that darkness gives way to light.

Every day we hear and see how everything comes to life in and around us.

We experience nature anew every day. We experience our feelings every day. Nobody is free of that – and that’s a good thing.

And now the time has come. The scenario that should never have happened has now emerged: Our nature, our climate urgently needs help.

The unrestrained pursuit of modern society, the unchecked demand for energy for industrial purposes, transportation and private households has led us to be in a spiral of global warming.
Greenhouse gases, methane, and CO2, which we have been releasing into the atmosphere since the 1950s, have caused the heat balance of the entire earth to become confused.
Heat that the atmosphere has absorbed through solar radiation can no longer escape into space. The result is warming of the polar ice caps, the oceans and the climate as a whole.
Sea levels are rising, catastrophic weather conditions are increasing, forest fires are raging to an extent never seen before. Nature is degrading.

Human health is threatened in some part of the world by diseases caused by excessive prosperity. Examples are overweight, high blood pressure, heart disease, weakness of the immune system.

In other parts of the world, human health is threatened by malnutrition caused by food and water deficiencies and poor hygiene.

We have to do something – together – now!

But there is also good news: it is not too late, yet.
Provided that we join forces and all together recognize the problem, investigate and provide adequate solutions, it will still be possible to stop and maybe even reverse the global warming trend.

However, this requires joint action by the global community. Selfish, solo efforts by individual states or the swerving of large corporations can jeopardize the achievement of the goal and thus the future of all of us and our children.

Populist and nationalist currents are in these times becoming a more and more dangerous problem that must be solved to save a future worth living for mankind.
Truthful information and clear education, aimed at everyone, has never been as important as it is today.

Everyone has to understand: If you want to protect your country and make it great, you have to fight together with everyone else for a healthy future!

Let’s work together. Across country borders and continents. We can and will achieve it.

Our children and children’s children, generations after us, should be able to say:

These were the guys who saved human culture and mankind from their downfall.

My motto is: Let us recognize the beautiful and balanced. In nature and also in the works we create. Let us be responsibly aware of our life and the future that arises from it.